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We are all connected energetically and distant reiki is one of those amazing mechanisms we can feel that connection! 
Distant Reiki can travel through time and space. Across the world, into the future, into the past, and back again! It is AMAZING! If you've ever felt the results of a distant reiki session you have NO doubts that this practice works! 

These pre-recorded videos have been infused with Reiki - through the visual and audio recording I have done the work to ensure that this healing energy has a direct path to its receiver. All you must do to receive this energy is affirm your willingness to RECEIVE.

Intention is everything. 

Lie back and relax as you listen to my guidance. Feel free to bring your favorite crystals, light some candles, journal, or sage! Whatever helps you feel connected to spirit will only support this healing space! Enjoy! 

Distant Reiki ~ General Cleanse
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